Easy Paint Removal

With dustless blasting you can easily remove old paint and stain from homes and commercial buildings.

Our dustless blasting system can remove almost any kind of paint, stain or other coatings from any type of base quickly and without creating heat or dust. We will prepare virtually any surface at your location; cars, trucks, industrial equipment, graffiti removal, and more.

Environmentaly Friendly

recycleaniWe are eco-friendly because we use recycled materials such as crushed glass for our blasting media, which is suspended in water.  Our process is safe, clean and will not harm the environment.  It will not affect your grass, trees, or shrubs in the area where we do the blasting.

Dustless Blasting is ideal for the removal of all paints, stains, varnish, lacquer, polyurethane or other wood, brick, stone or metal coatings revealing the original surface undamaged and looking like new.  Wood homes, including log homes and timber frame are very susceptible to surface deterioration from the elements and from UV damage.

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Easily remove paint or stain from buildings

Before and after photo paint removal

Sandblasting Buildings

Whether it be brick, wood siding or a log home, sandblasting will make your home look like it did the day it was built. Sandblasting removes surface paint or stain and preps the wood to receive a fresh coat of stain or paint with minimal sanding required.

Sandblasting is eco-friendly and creates fine dust that is easy to clean up or blow away with a leaf blower. There are no chemicals and unlike pressure washing, will not affect the wood in any way.

With our mobile blasting service, we bring everything to you, including our experience!